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InvestorCommunity.org was founded for a singular purpose - to provide a common forum for people from all backgrounds to discuss investing in a fair, fun, and free manner.

We will always strive to counter the hidden agendas and clickbait articles that are so prevalent elsewhere on the internet.  


InvestorCommunity.org was founded by non-professional investors with full time jobs in other industries who share an intense interest in smart investing and money management.  

This site was founded to address the rampant misinformation, clickbait, and simply bad information on the internet to provide a open forum where investors can come together to exchange ideas and learn how to invest better.

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As a community, we always encourage open discussion on how we can better enhance our resources.  Please contact us on the forum.

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Investorcommunity.org are not professional financial advisors, do not represent any brokerage firm, and do not advise on buying or selling individual stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, or any other investment product.

This forum is for information sharing purposes only and meant to help inform investors on how to better invest. It is the responsibility of each individual user to make their own investment decisions.

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